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Playpaint 0.5.0 Now with SVGs!
Back in March, I posted on Mastadon about my efforts to create pixel perfect SVGs by hand. This was prompted by social platforms being really bad at handling sm...
Playpaint 0.4.0 Now with autosave
It's been a while since I've worked on Playpaint, but I'm excited to announce that I found some time this evening. I implemented auto-save / auto-load of the cu...
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PlayPaint 0.1.0 Released!
PlayPaint Released This is a devlog announcing the initial release of PlayPaint for PlayDate. I'm extremely proud that I have gotten this to a point where it ca...
PlayPaint v0.3.0 - Tiny Hands Edition
PlayPaint v0.3.0 (2023-07-18) Today's release of PlayPaint for PlayDate v0.3.0 is mostly a behind the scenes release. I did a lot of code cleanup, adding Lua Ty...
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PlayPaint v0.2.1 - Polygons & Wrapping Paper
PlayPaint v0.2.1: Now with Polygons! As mentioned in the previous devlog I implemented Polygons, both filled and open on stream the other day. Now you just tapp...
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Might be a daft question but can the images made in this be easily transferred over to the Pulp environment? Cool lookin...
started by Floydhayes Oct 31, 2023
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I'm a huge supporter for PD games and apps. This one however makes me want to encourage a reality check. The novelty of...
started by intono Jul 12, 2023
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I love paint apps, and in particular use the hell out of MSPaint (I realize this is based on MacPaint), so I was really...
started by n_n_n_n Jul 13, 2023
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Too expensive for a dim computer software app for playdate and the screen is small i don't see a lot of features of how...
started by Emirozu8282827 Jul 12, 2023
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