Gimme Friction Baby v1.3.0 Released - List Icons for Playdate SDK 2.0

This is small release including updated icons for the list view of Playdate SDK 2.0.  These are two small icons, 32x32 pixels so the diff is quite small.   Otherwise that's it.  I haven't finished implementing the classic mode (see devlog: Implementing Classic Mode), it works but I haven't figured out how to support switching between the current aspect ratio and the classic.  Turns out my coding style used a bunch of a globals which are initialized on startup. It makes it a bit hard to alter those on the fly. Perhaps I'll be stuck on a plane/train someday in the future and will grind out a proper release. Until then, enjoy this minor improvement.

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Version 11 Jun 13, 2023

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Nice update! Icons are this circles. Grey circles. They looks cool! Very style things!

Thanks for the game! FWIW, in the dev forum Panic seemed receptive to my idea of an SDK function to do a full relaunch of the current game. They said they wanted to also have a way to pass a little message along to the next launch. Might help implement Classic mode in future?


Yeah, I think it's definitely worth implementing a true "restart current app" type thing to ease re-initialization. 

It would be trivially easy for me to pass along the relevant config info (just write/load the settings to/from a file).

I think you might be able to implement it today using Basically you make the first step of your app to be load a pdz for the actual game. If you specified an explicit context var for `_G` for the pdz I think you could subsequently re-run again with a clean context and the first global context would get garbage collected away. 

Mostly it's been a learning experience reminding me global variables and variables created at lua import are the devil (unless they are effectively `<const>`). Especially in something like Lua where it's easy to hold onto stale references forever.