Version 1.1.2 Released

tl;dr Version 1.1.2 is available for download. If you'd had trouble with a previous build, uninstall the old and try that.

It's been a wild 24hrs.  There's been a lot of interest and downloads, but it's been a bit rocky.  A number of people have reported issues with sideloading, specifically  when you go to install your playdate says "Error. There was a problem installing this game."

I was able to reproduce this issue on my device and reported it to Panic who provided confirmation it was indeed a bug.  Basically MacOS will include an extra file when creating a zip archive and that file, because it has a .pdx extension, breaks installing on the device.

With that fixed other folks continued to have problems.  After much back and forth (thanks @metafish and @Peaugh) I've narrowed it down to two more issues: (1) long filenames (2) something broken with  `bundleID=net.notpeter.gimmefriction`.   Until yesterday, I was using build script which created unique files of the form: `net.notpeter.gimmefriction_1.0.0-build11_2022-05-10_170534.pdx`.  This has been really helpful, but less so if it's breaking installs. So now have a shorter filename, fin.. 

The bundleID issue is more serious.  I had previously observed this during development when testing sideloading.  In particular when testing the custom wrapping paper, you have delete the app from device and all builds from and then add it again (because otherwise it remembers you've installed previously and skips the wrapping).  As part of this iterative cycle at one point things just stopped working, no matter what I tried (incrementing version/build in pdxinfo, deleting and re-adding, etc) sideloading was just broken. And then on a whim I changed the bundleID and everything started working again.

After an hour of back and forth last night with someone having issues nothing worked. Until I created a build with a new bundleID. And so here we are, 1 day after release I'm releasing (1.1.2) under a new bundle identifier. Previously it was net.notpeter.gimmefriction and as of 1.1.2 we'll be using net.notpeter.gimmefrictionbaby going forward.  If you've already downloaded/sideloaded/installed prior to 1.1.2 your playdate and the website will view these as  two distinct games.  I recommend you delete/uninstall the old entirely.

During this work I also accidentally released 1.0.2 with a shrunk card image. This along with a bug reported by gingerbeardman has been fixed in the 1.1.2 release. As always, you see the changes in this release or the complete source code over at


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Version 1.1.2 May 12, 2022

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I get this "There was a problem installing this game" error with 1.1.2. (I never had the previous version, I don't think.) I've even tried re-uploading it to the site once, and it's failed to install after download several times.

@grid Can you try and extract the PDX file from the zip archive and try sideloading that instead? I believe the playdate device software extracting the zip files provided by Itch.  If not, ping me on Twitter (@notpeter) and I can DM you a working zip.

Yes! First I extracted the .zip to .pdx, but that wouldn't upload (I've had this problem for all .pdx files, they basically just get "stuck" uploading to the site). But then I tried re-archiving it on my mac, and that actually uploaded just fine, and I was able to download/install it! Plays great, thanks for making it!

Both the sideloader and Playdate OS recognize 1.1.2 as a separate app rather than an update to the previous version.

Yes. The BundleID is used to identify individual apps.  I intentionally changed it in the hopes that this would resolve some of the folks who have been (so far) unable to install on their Playdate because they are getting an install error.

I understand this sucks and you'll have to manually delete the old app. Glad to hear you got 1.1.2 installed though :D