Version 1.1.3 Released

Good afternoon all!

As mentioned in the previous update (Version 1.1.2 Released) some users were reporting issues sideloading the zip files provided by itch.  After a bunch of investigation I was able to determine the three part root cause of this issue:

1. I used subdirectories two levels deep: e.g. `/images/balls`
2. Itch processes the zip file I upload and creates a new zip file of the contained resources.
3. The zip decompression library on the Playdate does not handle nested child directories unless the parent directory was created first.

I have notified Itch and Panic of these issues and hope they will someday fix this. But in the meantime I moved images out of subdirectories (e.g. /images/balls/ball6.png) into the main images folder (/images/ball6.png).  The itch zip is no longer displaying the out-of-order directory behavior triggering the on-device install failure. More info over at the playdate devforum thread.

As always, you can see the changes in this release on Github. 

New 1.1.3 downloads are up now, grab em while they are hot!

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Version 1.1.3 May 13, 2022

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