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Parachute22 -- You're the last line of defense against an army of invading Parachuters.  It feels like they won't stop coming, just one helicopter after another each dropping paratroopers out to get you.  It's ok if a couple paratroopers make it to the ground (you are in a tank turret after all) but once there's a full squad of 4 it's game over.

This game is designed to reward precision.  For each kill you get 2 points, but for each shot fired you lose one point.  So if you fire indiscriminately you'll have trouble racking up a high score, but if you bide your time and shoot wisely you might survive long enough to survive the war.  Smart shooters will also discover they can get multiple kills with a single shot (e.g. one falling parachuter knocking out others, etc). 

Everything in this game, including the fonts, backgrounds, logos and multiple animations was hand drawn by me. If you love it, feel free to over-donate. If you don't, feel free to over-donate to encourage me to get better.

Similar games have been made in the past (Parachute for the iPod Nano 2nd gen,  others for the Apple II and C64). But I never had an iPod and never played it on vintage hardware, but I think I captured some of the frenzy and skill of the originals. 

This game is for the Panic Playdate game console and can be sideloaded onto your device via USB or via play.date/account/sideload or directly loaded onto the Playdate Simulator for playing on your Mac/PC/Linux.

Happy hunting!

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Tags1-bit, opensource, parachute, Playdate, Retro


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Can't believe I've just found this game!! This was one of my favourite iPod Nano games and I always thought the playdate would be such a good port with the crank to control aim!
Downloading and trying it right now. 

I like this game,  the animation is smooth concept is simple and the crank is awesome  glad this is in my library!  


This game is a smart concept with great controls and addictive gameplay.  It is a top sideload Playdate game IMO and is a must play!!


Love the wrapping paper. :)